Back to Basics by Caroline TaggartLook Inside

Back to Basics

Author: Caroline Taggart

Categories: Nostalgia  

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Publication date: 8 June 2017

ISBN: 9781782437819

About the book:

Don't know Midas from Oedipus? Wouldn't recognize a concerto from a sonata? Many of us wish that we could fill in the gaps in our education in order to avoid those embarrassing situations when we feel as if we don't know things that others do. In Back to Basics, bestselling author Caroline Taggart provides readers with the opportunity to learn really useful stuff that was never taught in mainstream education, while also giving a refresher course on the main staples. From brushing up on Bible stories and classical architecture, to identifying different types of clouds, your thirst for knowledge will be sated and your education complete – and it's enormous fun to boot!

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