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Making Winter

Author: Emma Mitchell

Categories: Craft  

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Publication date: 5 October 2017

ISBN: 9781910552650

About the book:

Banish winter blues and embrace the frosty months by cosying up with Emma Mitchell’s nature-inspired collection of crafts. From delicate silver jewellery, paper-craft decorations and crocheted mittens, to foraged infusions, delicious recipes and nature diaries, Making Winter is filled with projects designed to fend off dreariness in the winter months. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs, shot at Emma’s cottage in the Fens, take you through each project, so that even beginners can enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of a craft-filled winter and snuggle down in their own cosy paradise.


''Charming... [Emma] has found a way to alleviate seasonal affective disorder with crafts and creativity. Definitely one for the den', Katrina Burroughs — The Sunday Times Home

'a really pretty little book, full of recipes, designs and ideas for presents', Joanne Harris — Good Housekeeping

'Emma has created the most beautiful, delicious, enriching book - capable of turning the bleakest, wintery afternoon into a warm, nurturing, life-enhancing treat' — Emma Freud

'Inspiring and comforting' — Psychologies

'brighten bleak winter days with Emma's recipes' — Delicious. magazine

'You're engaging not only with the natural world but with the year's cycle in a way that grounds you in time and place and makes something from the here and now ... I believe that's something that can have vast - and perhaps unexpected - value ... That a book should act as inspiration or catalyst to even one reader makes the writing of it worthwhile ... [This book] will reach thousands', Melissa Harrison — Caught by the River

'Gorgeously cosy ... this is a book to snuggle up on the sofa with and hold back the dreary winter nights' — Inside Crochet

'An ideal present for anyone looking to try something different' — Let's Knit

'banish the winter blues with this gorgeous collection' — Crochet Now

'Beautifully styled' — Popular Patchwork

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