Seriously Senior Moments by Geoff TibballsLook Inside

Seriously Senior Moments

Author: Geoff Tibballs

Categories: Humour  

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Publication date: 6 April 2017

ISBN: 9781782437659

About the book:

Entertaining and uplifting, this book is a hilarious look at those embarrassing setbacks experienced in one's senior years. From picking up the wrong child from school, to misplacing your car somewhere down your own road, the signs are there that the old memory isn't what it used to be. Containing a wealth of jokes, anecdotes, quips and quotes from like-absent-minded seniors, across a range of funny and undeniably familiar scenarios, this book will have people laughing out loud in shameful recognition that they are, in fact, getting on a bit. So, find your reading glasses (they're on your head) and delve into this side-splitting guide that will help you laugh at those senior moments as well as keep them at bay.


''Perfect for anyone feeling their age... Celebrate embarrassing setbacks experienced in your senior years' — Yours

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