Solve it Like Sherlock by Stewart Ross

Solve it Like Sherlock

Author: Stewart Ross

Categories: Activity & Puzzles  

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Publication date: 8 March 2018

ISBN: 9781782438793

About the book:

If you’ve always fancied yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, there’s no better way to test yourself than against these ingenious puzzles. In this intriguing book, Stewart Ross presents twenty-five engrossing Sherlockian scenarios for you to pit your powers of deduction against; but far from being merely another puzzle book, the cases found here are inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon, full of the atmosphere and ambience of 221b Baker Street. Each case provides all the evidence you’ll need to crack it, provided you’re sharp enough to pick up all the clues, with challenges from code breaking to lateral thinking, memory to logic . . . and of course, the solutions can be found at the back of the book in case you’re feeling more like Watson than Holmes.

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