The Modern Art Activity Book by Ashley Le QuereLook Inside

The Modern Art Activity Book

Author: Ashley Le Quere

Categories: Doodle & Draw  

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Publication date: 2 March 2017

ISBN: 9781910552414

About the book:

Draw, colour and create your own modern art in this creative activity book. From Impressionism to Pop Art, and Cubism to Surrealism, you can find out about many different art movements and try out the techniques for yourself. The Modern Art Activity Book is jam-packed with interesting information and beautiful, bold illustrations, as well as a fun variety of colouring, drawing and creative exercises. You can imitate an Impressionist, colour like a Cubist and Action Paint like an Abstract Expressionist. With an illustrated fold-out timeline showing the dates of the movements and artists associated with them, you'll get to grips with the key influences of modern art. From Monet to Warhol, this is a fun and accessible introduction to modern art.

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