Unforgettable Senior Jokes by Geoff Tibballs

Unforgettable Senior Jokes

Author: Geoff Tibballs

Categories: Humour  

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Publication date: 6 October 2011

ISBN: 9781843176947

About the book:

Old age catches up with us all, and when the inevitable senior moments begin to set in, there is nothing to be done but have a good old laugh about them. Unforgettable Senior Jokes is a fantastic collection of the very best 'senior' jokes, put down on paper so that even the most senile minds can't forget them. Filled with hundreds of unforgettable punch lines and witticisms about growing old, across such hilarious and humiliating subjects as hair loss, wrinkles, and many more of the obstacles old age throws at us all, this book is perfect for anyone beginning to feel their age. Charmingly entertaining, it celebrates the funny side of growing older, allowing readers to laugh off their forgetfulness, fading physique and new penchant for the afternoon nap, and have them smiling at seniordom and all it entails.


''Sure to raise a smile... no matter what your age' — Mature Times

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