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Paranormal expert Theresa Cheung shares 101 of the most mysterious and spooky true stories of hauntings from around the world together with the latest afterlife science and research, providing fascinating insight into our never-ending love affair with ghosts.

Belief in ghosts is surprisingly common worldwide. Mysterious glowing orbs, unexplained chills, things that literally go bump in the night: signs of paranormal activity have reportedly surged during the pandemic. As have specialist investigators, organised ghost hunts, eerie podcasts, TV shows and reports of everyday hauntings.

Sharing the details of some well-known and particularly mysterious hauntings together with some less-well-known tales and personal stories from her readers and listeners, Theresa explores these ghostly encounters through four categories of hauntings: residual, poltergeist, inhuman and intelligent.

With an introduction to modern parapsychology, a look at the latest science that digs deeper into our never-ending love affair with ghosts, psychic-themed self-help advice and ghost hunting tips, Haunted World is a timely and entertaining journey through the thrilling world of afterlife research.

What if some of the most iconic lives in human history were, for centuries, forgotten?

From the earliest human civilizations through to the present day, the stories of countless influential women – leaders, artists, warriors, scientists and more – have been ignored, forgotten, or actively suppressed. You've probably not encountered the likes of Fatima al-Fihri (an Islamic World visionary who founded the world's first university), Ching Shih (the most successful pirate in history), or Huda Sha'arawi (a pioneering Egyptian feminist leader, suffragette, nationalist, and founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union), but that's about to change.

In What’s Her Name: A History of the World in 70 Lost Women, authors – and sisters – Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson weave together the captivating stories of these forgotten figures to tell an alternative, enthralling and deeply researched historical narrative.

A truly global history, What’s Her Name features biographies of incredible women spanning six continents and hundreds of years, from Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire to imperial China, the Americas and post-war Europe. Drawing on years of study and interviews with dozens of experts, this is a fascinating, thought-provoking look at the trailblazing women you’ve never heard of (but should have).

A Million Puppies is a super-cute and cuddly colouring book designed for dog lovers of all ages.

Inside, there are over 30 spreads packed with the most adorable puppies, from cute corgis and dinky Dalmatians to baby beagles and precious pugs. Each page is decorated with stunning patterns and motifs. Lulu’s instantly recognizable style brings gentle fun and humour to each scene, which kids and adults alike will love bringing to life with colour.

A new title in Lulu Mayo’s bestselling A Million series.

Filled with more summer fun than a busy, sunny beach, this colourful activity book is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours during the summer holidays.

Guide the mermaid through the maze, design your own spectacular sandcastle, pair the matching beach balls and test your memory skills with a fun, ice-cream themed picture challenge.

Packed with over 40 puzzles to complete, from tropical mazes and holiday-themed search-and-finds to matching pairs and sandy spot-the-differences. With super-cute illustrations by Kathryn Selbert, this is the perfect gift for kids who can’t wait for summer.

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9781780558172 The Egg-cellent Easter Activity Book (out now)
9781780559186 The Tree-mendous Christmas Activity Book (publishing September 2023)

Join Little House of Science on an incredible, behind-the-scenes tour of the human body. Discover where bodies come from, how they grow, their different parts and how they work.

Brilliant Bodies Inside and Out dives deep into the inner workings of the body. From what goes on inside the stomach and the mechanics of the eye, to the different layers of the skin and what’s inside the blood, this is the ultimate guide to the human body.

Six chapters cover the body’s key systems, with easy-to-follow illustrations and diagrams accompanying each page. Each chapter also includes fun experiments to try at home, such as food-tasting and how to make a model lung.

Each spread features fascinating comparisons with the animal kingdom. For example, did you know that the Hydra, a tiny animal that lives in water, has around 1,000 neurons, whereas humans have 86 billion? Scientists are amazed by its ability to survive with such a simple nervous system.

The final chapter in the book is all about amazing animal bodies. From an elephant’s incredible sense of smell to the super sight of a bald eagle, readers can enjoy learning about the fascinating differences, and similarities, between their bodies and those of the animal kingdom. On the final page, readers are invited into The Animal Hall of Fame, which showcases record-breaking beasts, including the longest-living, strongest and tallest animals, alongside their human counterparts.

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9781780557359 This Book is Full of Brains

A new title in the Buster Backpack series, this full-colour activity book combines fun puzzles with over 100 fascinating facts.

Did you know …

Every cheetah's coat has about 2,000 spots, in a completely unique pattern.

A strawberry is the only fruit which has its seeds on the outside.

Most stars live for billions of years.

Featuring beautiful, full-colour illustrations by artist Amber Davenport, this is the perfect book to keep kids aged 7+ entertained for hours on end at home or on holiday.

The book is packed with over 80 puzzles, including wordsearches, spot-the-differences, matching silhouettes, odd-ones-out and much more. With over 100 facts on a range of topics from space and sports to inventions and animals, there are plenty of amazing things for kids to discover and learn about while they complete the activities.

In 1893, young army officer Cecil Hambrough was murdered at the sprawling Ardlamont estate in Scotland, unleashing one of the most gripping court cases Victorian Britain had ever known. Even more remarkably, the case brought together two pioneering forensic experts – Joseph Bell and Henry Littlejohn – two men upon whom Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes happened to be based. It is their involvement in the Ardlamont affair that reveals how the world’s most famous detective came to be: the worlds of crime fiction and crime fact were about to collide spectacularly.

In this extraordinary book, Daniel Smith outlines the key roles of the two men whose powers of deduction had so inspired Doyle and explores the real-world origins of Sherlock Holmes through the prism of a mystery as engrossing as any case the Great Detective ever tackled.

With fun exercises and invaluable advice from leading dog-trainer Claire Arrowsmith, learn how to improve your dog’s mental agility as well as strengthen your bond with them.

An essential book for any dog owner who is keen to understand a bit more about how their dog’s brain works, Brain Training for Dogs shows us how to get the best out of our beloved pets. Translating cognitive research and findings into owner-friendly games, and packed full of essential advice and helpful step-by-step illustrations, Claire helps readers to easily understand what the experts know and demonstrates how to introduce tried-and-tested activities into our day-to-day routines with our dogs. Including top tips on how to get the most out of time spent with your pup, this is a must-read for new and experienced dog owners alike.

With over 70 tactical puzzles to solve, get ready to go behind enemy lines and tackle the elite missions only the toughest minds can solve.

Do you have what it takes to be in one of the most elite teams on the planet? Written by internationally best-selling author Dr Gareth Moore, this is the ultimate puzzle book for fans of extreme army missions. Push your mental fitness to its limits as you delve into the underworld of a special forces unit and test your military knowledge with 10 challenges to complete.

Follow your general as they take you into the shadowy world of covert ops – but listen carefully, as there are no second chances. The stakes are high, and the situations are extreme: are you one of the few who can make the cut? This elite puzzle book will show you how to outsmart the enemy as you problem-solve under pressure and crack the codes to survive the mission.

Test your tactical, logical, and lateral thinking with this intensive military workout, and put your leadership and teamwork skills to the ultimate test. These are puzzles for those who dare.

All aboard the ship that Jack built for a rollicking picture book adventure.

Jack’s ship has set sail with a precious cargo of gold in the hold, but a whole host of thieves are out to snatch it from under his nose. From the squid that opens the lid and the seal that tries to steal, to the cat and the rat and the whale with its splashy tail, Jack really has his hands full.

With a joyful, rhyming text full of super-catchy repeated lines, this cumulative tale builds and builds to an epic crescendo. Told by Peter Millett and brought to life by Sam Caldwell, this picture book voyage is one readers will want to take again and again.

Sample content:

This is the gull that flew from the hull
And nabbed the crab that sneakily grabbed
The gold from the seal that jumped up to steal
The loot from the whale that splashed its tail…
…That stole the gold that lay in the hold
Of the ship that Jack built.