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Battenberg Britain

Extent: 128 pages

Size: 129x196mm

Publication Date:

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 9781843173786


About the Book

When convenience took precedence over nutrition and '5 a day' was yet to be dreamt up, packaged food reigned supreme. Wasn't it wonderful to create great comfort food in minutes, and doesn't each food bring back great memories of your youth, even if the thought of eating it all now makes you cringe? What ever possessed us to eat – and enjoy – a Vesta Beef Curry after a night out at the pub? Or why was there nothing quite like Mum's butterscotch Angel Delight when you were feeling bit off-colour? Why is Boxing Day not the same if Gran doesn't buy in Eat Me Dates? And why do tinned meat pies taste so . . . well, distinctive? Battenberg Britain answers all these questions and contributes hundreds of other facts, some of which it might be best not to know. Depending on where you stand in the gourmet stakes, this book celebrates the very best (worst) in 'British nosh', and all the yummy (revolting) things we scoffed with no qualms whatsoever, but which dieticians today would tell us are produce of the devil. Every one of the foods is lovingly remembered and fantastically presented in this gift book, perfect for all those afficionados of great British food!


  • 'A cornucopia of gastro tackiness and the curious histories behind their manufacture', The Independent
  • 'Reveals fascinating facts about the best-loved brands from our pasts, some of which you may even still be enjoying today', Woman's Weekly
  • 'Reveals the colorful and bizarre histories behind such famous names as Battenberg cake, Smash potato and Angel Delight', The Daily Express
  • 'A nostalgic look back at the affordable, convenient tins and packages from which we feasted', Daily Record
  • 'Those we have loved.... Nigel Cassidy and Phillipa Lamb pay a nostalgic tribute to some of these past pleasures', Saga Magazine
  • 'Chronicles our secret passion for a host of distinctly démodé eats', Junior Magazine
  • 'A nostalgic tribute', Choice Magazine
  • 'A light-hearted study of the curious attraction of post-war comfort foods', Liverpool Daily Echo
  • 'Delightfully nostalgic', The Bookseller
  • 'From corned beef to Atora suet, a new book celebrates those childhood favorites which are still with us against the odds', Wolverhampton Express and Star