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Colour a Cat

Extent: 64pages

Size: 280x230mm

Publication Date: 21/01/2016

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781910552124

Categories: Colouring, Doodle & Draw

About the Book

Learn to free up your drawing skills with this quirky new drawing and colouring book from award-winning illustrator Hannah Rollings.

Be inspired by the playful illustrations of all your favourite cats, as you copy, draw your own or colour them in.

Get creative and have fun as you practise drawing and loosen up your drawing style, while learning about over thirty adorable cat breeds.

About the Author

Hannah Rollings is an award-winning illustrator, graduating with a first-class degree in Illustration from Kingston University and completing an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. Her work experiments with qualities of colour and pattern and she is currently focusing on creating interactive work using stop-frame animation and activity-led work.


  • 'unlike traditional colouring books, this one encourages creativity rather than just colouring in patterns.', Of beauty and Nothingness Blog
  • 'A perfect addition to a cat lovers home!', Of beauty and Nothingness Blog
  • 'not only do the titles raise a smile but the colours of the books are so vibrant, cheery and bright. The illustrations are cute, fun, cheery and divine.', Caledonian Kitty Blog
  • 'there is a problem with these books – I didn’t want to use them and spoil them.', Linda's Book Bag Blog