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Come Back with the Wind

Publication Date: 07/03/2013

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781782431268


About the Book

A classic story of the endless battle between the North and the South of England, Come Back With the Wind tells a humorous tale of how the threat of an embargo on whiskey sales to the South leads to civil war and a possible permanent split between the two proud regions.

The late Les Dawson – author, beloved television comedian and game show host – has created a timeless account of love, honour and alcohol that sits perfectly in the great chronicles of the struggles of the North-South divide. Battle lines will be drawn, friendships and family ties tested and kegs tapped as the path to war approaches, albeit with a hiccough or two.

About the Author

Les Dawson (1931-1993) was a popular English comedian who had a fantastically successful career across radio and television. His shows included the eponymous The Dawson Watch, The Les Dawson Show and Dawson's Weekly, as well as – of course – the quiz show Blankety Blank. He was included in The Comedian's Comedian, a 2005 Channel 4 documentary, which listed the top 50 comedians of all time, as voted for by fellow comedians and showbiz insiders.