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Curiously Cute Manga

Extent: 96pages

Size: 280x216mm

Publication Date: 30/03/2023

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 9781912785780

Categories: Colouring

About the Book

Journey through the world of cute and creepy manga art in this striking colouring book.

Lurking inside are 45 dark yet strangely adorable manga and anime-influenced scenes. Prepare to encounter eerie monsters, broken puppets, enchanted toys, undersea creatures and haunted forests.

Some of the scenes are inspired by eastern mythology and Japanese folklore, such as snow spirit Yuki-onna and mischief-bringing toyols. Others originate from western tales, such as selkie ‘seal folk’ and majestic kelpies. Also included are beautiful yet disturbing images from the artists' own imaginations, such as terrified dumplings running from a bowl of noodles, a girl being carried away by monstrous balloons, and a zombie enjoying the company of her stuffed bunnies.

These gorgeous, intricate manga pieces have been created by a trio of artists, two of whom are based in a studio in Singapore and the other based in England.