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Extent: 64pages

Size: 290x290mm

Publication Date: 01/06/2017

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781780554563

Categories: Buster Reference, Colouring

About the Book

From the creators of the bestselling Menagerie comes Dinosauria. Filled with stunning dinosaur portraits to colour and complete, each accompanied by a page of fascinating information and captivating facts.

Featuring portraits and fact files on the following dinosaurs:

* Triceratops
* Diplodocus
* Brachiosaurus
* Velociraptor
* Tyrannosaurus

And many more!

The book features bespoke artwork from Claire Scully, one of the talented illustrators of the bestselling The Menagerie series.

About the Author

London based illustrator Claire Scully specialises in graphic illustration with a focus on detailed line work as well as an interesting mix of digital collage. While the overlooked objects of daily life inspire a great deal of Scully's work, she is also very talented at creating intricately detailed animals with sensational zentangles.
Claire has collaborated with Adidas, Nokia, Random House, The New York Times and many more.