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Doodle While You Work

Extent: 168pages

Size: 246x189mm

Publication Date: 09/10/2008

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781843172949

Categories: Colouring

About the Book

Everyone loves to doodle, whether they mean to or not. When you're on the phone, in a meeting or just on your lunch break. Doodle While You Work helps you to vent this creativity with over 200 inspirational starting points to get your creative juices flowing. For those that would prefer an artistic alternative to Sudoku during their tea break – Doodle While You Work is ideal. Give your doodles some direction and save your work from being covered in unsightly scrawls by completing the unfinished work-themed doodles in the book. Including:
• Complete the muffin-mountain
• Design the new office chair
• Fill the elevator with penguins
• What are the penguins looking at?
Let your creative instincts run riot and Doodle While You Work.


  • 'From 'draw your favourite lunch' or 'design different tie patterns for the whole week', it's a lot of fun!', Best Magazine