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Dress Up Meghan

Extent: 34pages

Size: 297x210mm

Publication Date: 06/09/2018

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781780555799

Categories: Activity & Puzzles

About the Book

Dress Up Meghan, the most stylish royal of the moment.

Radiant, creative and a fearless feminist … who wouldn’t want to be in Meghan’s gang? Well, now you can be her personal stylist, mix-and-matching a host of chic-sticker outfits and accessories for a range of occasions, as well as dressing up other royals, friends and family. From a classy engagement shoot with Prince Harry and a glamorous red-carpet appearance, to a wild safari holiday and a sunny Californian road trip, not forgetting the event of the year: the celebration of Meghan and Prince Harry’s marriage at Windsor Castle.

Meghan and Harry fever is sweeping the nation, and this fun sticker book won’t fail to bring a smile, and hours of entertainment, to children and adults alike.