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Found in Translation

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 185x125mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781843174424

Categories: Humour

About the Book

Found in Translation is an English-language guide with a difference. Compiled by Tomas Santos – a well-meaning but incompetent foreigner of indeterminate nationality – it contains a wealth of priceless miscommunications on a variety of handy themes, from hotels, restaurants, shopping, travel, and health, to quintessentially English topics such as the Queen and village cricket. Tomas's shaky grasp of the English language, coupled with his use of questionable dictionaries and thesauri, has resulted in an uproarious book of accidental beauty; for who can fail to be tickled by the exquisite loveliness of such phrases as 'My petrol has run away,' 'You are scallywag!', 'Do you serve faggots', or the almost familiar 'Cheerio to your good health and up your bottoms!' Found in Translation is an innovative, eccentric and charming 'guide' to the English language that is guaranteed to have any English speaker crying with laughter.


  • 'Tomas Santos has a way with words that's unique and hilarious. I wish he'd taught me English', Gyles Brandreth