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Give a F**k

A brief inventory of ways in which you can

About the Author

Felicity Morse is a digital journalist, editor, social media consultant and life coach. She’s written and worked for Huffington Post UK, the Independent, GQ and the BBC – and has more recently been digital editor for i. She is now a full-time life coach and writer.

Felicity has been focusing her writing and career on relationships and personal development, running an advice column for the i – as well as a coaching business, advising clients on how to overcome their personal hurdles to live a more fulfilling life. As part of this process she has also written powerfully and to acclaim about her own personal journey through grief and trauma.


  • 'It really cuts through the honey glaze of self-help and hits you right where you need it', Holly Bourne
  • 'A lovely, inspiring book, full of brilliant advice - a perfect corrective for the state of the world', India Knight
  • 'Felicity Morse leads the new generation of feisty, embodied troops into the soulful battles that could save us all', Jamie Catto
  • 'Part philosophy, part psychology, and part self-help, Give a F**k is a genuinely insightful book that lays out, in the simplest and clearest terms, why and how we should all Give a F**k ... about ourselves, about other people, and about the universe we inhabit. If you didn't give a fuck before you read it, I challenge you not to give a fuck after you have', Jim Piddock
  • 'Felicity Morse's writing made me feel more seen and more sane in what can often seem like an unsalvageably lunatic, lamentable and far-from-luminous modern world... revelatory. Insightful and practical, she offers genuinely try-this-and-your-life-could-well-be-better approaches that work. This book will make you feel brighter, in all ways. Get it, and get your neon on', Alix Fox, broadcaster and Guardian sex columnist
  • 'This is a hug in the form of a book. It's clear-thinking, down-to-earth, compassionate, and, above all, necessary', Suzannah Lipscomb, historian and TV presenter
  • 'This guide breaks the silence we create when we think of our issues as too small or silly; whether that's struggling with the idea of a perfect 'self-care' regime, maintaining boundaries in relationships or just dealing with a very large, very loud world. Felicity writes with the compassion, assuredness and humour of someone who clearly gets what it can be like to feel too much of everything too much of the time', Ruby Etc.