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Head Trauma

Extent: 320 pages

Size: 216x138mm

Publication Date:

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781789293692


About the Book

A humorous yet honest look at the education system, from trainee to headteacher across an extraordinary thirty-year career.

‘As I began my teacher training, little did I know of what awaited me. Almost three decades and seven schools later, I am head of a state secondary school. On the wall in my office is a children’s toy, a plastic monster’s head which, if pressed, emits a pre-recorded message: ‘It beggars belief!’. I press the monster whenever I, pupils, parents, staff, or the Department of Education do something that is notable, ludicrous, odd, bewildering or unreasonable. It is pressed so often that I am forever having to replace the batteries.’


Nick Smith charts his journey from trainee teacher through to aspiring head across his near thirty-year career, with fascinating insights into the educational system along the way. The catalogue of incidents ranges from the embarrassing to the ridiculous, hilarious to the heart-breaking, and together they illustrate the daily grind of life at the whiteboard face in UK schools. Head Trauma is more than an amusing look at the trials of teacherdom – it’s a call to arms for parents, teachers and pupils alike.