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I am a Wonder Woman

Extent: 128pages

Size: 246x189mm

Publication Date: 08/03/2018

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781780555515

Categories: Activity & Puzzles, Art and Craft

About the Book

An inspirational look at some of the most amazing women in history, complete with creative fill-in elements to spark imagination.

Every page of this book is filled with aspirational and astounding stories about the most influential women to have ever lived. What’s more, readers can step into the lives of these inspirational figures with unique activities, creative questions to answer and captivating topics to give thought to.

With quirky artwork to bring each story to life, readers can travel the globe and discover remarkable women from across the world, from every kind of profession, with every kind of talent. From American aviator Amelia Earhart and Danish spy Brita Tott, to the Polish physicist Marie Curie and Mexican activist Eufrosina Cruz.

About the Author

Ellen grew up in Cambridge and spent her childhood making up games, putting on plays, and writing a magazine for all the children living in her street. After studying English Literature she worked as a children's book editor for a few years before moving into the charity sector. Ellen is the author of a variety of bestselling activity books and annuals, including All About Me, All About Us and The Book of Me.


  • 'Filled with incredible information on inspiring women... give this book a read', Girl Talk
  • 'I am a Wonder Woman is a perfect book for educating children in the history of women's rights and to help them look forward to the future', Primary Times
  • 'This is more than just an activity book - it's a celebration of some of the world's most inspirational women, past and present', Library Girl and Book Boy Blog
  • 'Fantastic... The fun activities allow the reader to step into the shoes of some truly incredible women', Along Came Poppy Blog
  • 'Inspirational... The combination of knowledge and motivational exercises really hits home', Booker Than You Blog