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I am a Wonder Woman

Inspiring activities to try. Incredible women to discover.

Extent: 128pages

Size: 246x189mm

Publication Date: 08/03/2018

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781780555515

Categories: Activity & Puzzles, Art and Craft

About the Book

About the Author

Ellen grew up in Cambridge and spent her childhood making up games, putting on plays, and writing a magazine for all the children living in her street. After studying English Literature she worked as a children's book editor for a few years before moving into the charity sector. Ellen is the author of a variety of bestselling activity books and annuals, including All About Me, All About Us and The Book of Me.


  • 'Filled with incredible information on inspiring women... give this book a read', Girl Talk
  • 'I am a Wonder Woman is a perfect book for educating children in the history of women's rights and to help them look forward to the future', Primary Times
  • 'This is more than just an activity book - it's a celebration of some of the world's most inspirational women, past and present', Library Girl and Book Boy Blog
  • 'Fantastic... The fun activities allow the reader to step into the shoes of some truly incredible women', Along Came Poppy Blog
  • 'Inspirational... The combination of knowledge and motivational exercises really hits home', Booker Than You Blog