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LEGO® Books: Five-Minute Builds

Extent: 96 pages

Size: 272x206mm

Publication Date:

Price: £19.99

ISBN: 9781780558080

Categories: Activity & Puzzles

About the Book

Discover over 100 great ideas for LEGO® builds, games, puzzles and challenges, and use the bricks included in the box to bring them all to life.

Budding LEGO master builders will love using this fun pack to construct brand new creations. Each activity has been designed to take just five minutes, and can be created using the 50 LEGO bricks included.

Whether following the book to recreate the simple play ideas, or dreaming up completely original creations, it’s always easy and fun with Five-Minute Builds. There’s no limit to what can be done!

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About the Author

Buster Books loves to create books for curious and creative children, which spark the imagination and encourage exploration. Above all, they are books to be enjoyed.