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Little Unicorn is Sad

Extent: 32 pages

Size: 180x180mm

Publication Date:

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781780556437

Categories: Early Years

About the Book

A book that encourages children to name their emotions and manage them effectively.

Little Unicorn is just like all the other unicorns … well, nearly.

He has a magic mane that changes colours depending on how he is feeling.

Today he is feeling sad.

He is arguing with his friends. Now he feels like he’s been invaded by a big grey cloud of sadness.

Kids can discover how to chase away sad feelings and feel good again, with easy to master teach yourself calm breathing exercises.

Children can join Little Unicorn in a calm-inducing breathing exercise and follow 3 easy steps designed to regulate overwhelming emotions.

Little Unicorn is Angry (9781780556420)

About the Author

Aurélie Chien Chow Chine is a French artist who worked for ten years as an animator for cartoon series and movies. In addition to being an artist, she holds a master's degree in information and communications with a focus in child psychology from the Sorbonne Nouvelle. She now runs workshops on relaxation and emotion management for children in schools and recreation centers in France. The picture book series featuring Little Unicorn is her debut as author-illustrator. She created this Little Unicorn to help her explain calming, breathing techniques to children.