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Extent: 232 pages

Size: 270x215mm

Publication Date:

Price: £30.00

ISBN: 9781843178910

Categories: Autobiography & Memoir

About the Book

Morgan: 100 Years traces the history of the Morgan Motor Company – the only car maker in the world to survive for a century under the ownership of its founding family. The story of this prestigious sports car manufacturer is presented in a unique and entertaining style, illustrated with scores of photographs that will delight every Morgan enthusiast.
Covering the Morgan story from 1909 to the present day and drawing on archive material from the Morgan factory in Worcestershire, where the cars are still lovingly handcrafted, Morgan: 100 Years also includes information on the development of the Aero 8, Morgan's first totally new car since 1936; Morgan's heroic Le Mans campaigns; extraordinary stories about Morgan owners and theirs cars; the relaunch of the Morgan 3 and Morgan's vision for the future.
This is a very special book about a very special car company. No other manufacturer can claim to have a greater percentage of its lifetime production still in roadworthy condition, a result of the loving Morgan enthusiasts who make sure their cars live forever. Order a new Morgan and you will have to wait a year for it to be delivered. In the meantime, flicking through Morgan: 100 Years will help to make the wait more bearable.

Publication Date: 06/08/2015

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781782435501

Categories: Autobiography & Memoir

About the Book

About the Author

Charles Morgan is the Managing Director of Morgan and grandson of the company's founder. He has written Morgan: 100 Years – The Official History of the World's Greatest Sports Car for Michael O'Mara Books.