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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Global Infographics

Publication Date: 01/04/2014

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781782433026

Categories: Reference

About the Book

Ever wondered whether more people own a car in England than in France, or which country gives the most to charity? Have an interest in word affairs, with no time to trawl through periodicals, immerse yourself in the written facts, or disentangle complex data?

Information needn't be boring. Seeing the Bigger Picture is jam-packed with fascinating global statistics in a visually-arresting and easily digestible format. These formidable facts and figures are displayed on illustrated double-page spreads, representing the data as well as the context of each study.

Which country: Spends the most on defense? Is the biggest recipient of overseas aid? Works the longest hours? Has the most dangerous roads? Invests the largest amount in clean energy? Drinks the most bottled water? Has the oldest population?

Seeing the Bigger Picture
is a visual encyclopedia for the information age. Enlightening, entertaining, and often surprising, it contains specially commissioned infographics that bring statistics to life and offer a truly global perspective on a range of topical subjects – offering a unique new way of understanding the world.