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The Devil's Graveyard

Extent: 448pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date: 02/06/2011

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781843175780

Categories: Fiction

About the Book

Publication Date: 20/08/2010

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781843175056

Categories: Fiction

About the Book

About the Author

Anonymous is the author of 'The Bourbon Trilogy', consisting of The Book With No Name, The Eye of the Moon and The Devil's Graveyard, all of which are published by Michael O'Mara Books. He has also written The Book of Death, Sanchez: A Christmas Carol, The Red Mohawk, The Plot To Kill the Pope, The Day It Rained Blood, The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled and Showdown With the Devil. His books are published in over 30 countries and are bestsellers in France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Indonesia.


  • 'A very dark, funny and murderous story - think Tarantino meets X Factor', Fresh Direction Magazine
  • 'If you like twisted horror with a bit of light humour mixed in, then this is for you', Staffordshire Life