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The Eleven-Plus Book

Genuine Exam Questions From Yesteryear

Extent: 160pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date: 27/10/2016

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781782435075

Categories: Nostalgia

About the Book

Is the nation really dumbing down? Are exams really easier than they were in the good old days? Now's the chance to find out, with this nostalgic collection of exam questions from the 1940s and 50s.

The perfect book to contrast the schooling of yesteryear with modern-day practices and settle the age-old debate about which is best.

Every generation can attempt questions on a number of subjects from English and arithmetic to general knowledge and composition, with hundreds of authentic exam questions from the 1940s and 50s Eleven-Plus papers – as well as all the answers.

Gorgeously packaged with a retro design, The Eleven-Plus Book is a fantastic, nostalgic look back for all those who experienced the daunting exam the first time round, and a great way for the younger generation to prove that they have the wits to outsmart their elders!


  • 'A step up from pub quizzes ... Questions from the days when mathematics wasn't 'maths' but 'arithmetic'', The Times
  • 'Sharpen your pencil, open your notebook and test the whole family against the standards of another age', Daily Mail
  • 'Dare you pit your wits against yesteryear's eleven-year-olds?', Guardian Online
  • 'Are you brave enough to take the Eleven-Plus?', Daily Telegraph
  • 'These old exam questions will prove if we've dumbed down', Daily Telegraph
  • 'Handy for anyone who compiles pub quizzes and for those who didn't fare so well the first time around', Best of British