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The Highway Code

Extent: 32 pages

Size: 160x105mm

Publication Date:

Price: £3.99

ISBN: 9781843178811

Categories: Nostalgia

About the Book

The Highway Code is a complete facsimile of the 1935 edition of The Highway Code. The book takes you back to a vanished era of motor travel, when driving was still rather exciting. Get a glimpse of life on the road before the coming of motorways, when it was still necessary to learn to signal with your whip and know the arm movements of the policeman on point duty. Featuring signs that are no longer recognizable and instructions to drivers of horse-drawn vehicles, The Highway Code is a fascinating illustration of how times have changed. The perfect stocking filler for all motoring aficionados.


  • 'This is a delightful trip back in time.', (On 'The Original Highway Code') - The Sunday Telegraph
  • 'The perfect stocking filler for all motoring aficionados.', The Oldie