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The Inn at the Top

Tales of Life at the Highest Pub in Britain

Extent: 256pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date: 26/09/2013

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 9781782431558

Categories: Autobiography & Memoir

About the Book

The delightful tale of a young couple who in the late 1970s, on impulse, became the new landlords of the most remote, bleak and lonely pub – The Tan Hill Inn – located in the desolate landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.
Having seen an article in the newspaper about the pub's search for a new manager, they arrived just three weeks later as the new landlords of the The Tan Hill Inn. It is a wild, wind-swept place, set alone in a sea of peat bog and heather moorland that stretches unbroken as far as the eye can see. With only sheep and grouse for company, their closest neighbour was four miles away and the nearest town twelve. They had no experience of licensed trade or running a pub, no knowledge of farming and a complete inability to understand the dialect of the sheep farmers who were their local customers. Eager, well-meaning, but in over their heads, our two heroes embarked on a disaster-strewn career that somehow also turned into a lifelong love affair with the Dales.
The Inn at the Top is an entertaining ramble around the Inn, the breath-taking Dales countryside and a remarkable array of local characters, giving an insight into life in a very different different time and place.


  • 'A tribute to a way of life which is long gone and a celebration of the Dales', Yorkshire Post
  • 'Neil Hanson's anecdote-laden memoir is reminiscent of James Herriot', The Dalesman
  • 'One of the funniest, most entertaining and life-affirming books of the year... A warm and often hilarious account of tenacity and survival, The Inn at the Top is packed with true Yorkshire-style anecdotes, brushes with the law, late night lock-ins, adventures with colourful locals and weather stories to make your hair curl. Sit back and enjoy...', Lancashire Evening Post
  • 'Richly entertaining... a wonderful history lesson', Ilkley Gazette
  • 'Engaging and entertaining... warm memories to last a lifetime', Jeff Evans, Inside Beer
  • 'A warm, amusing and at times sad book... it's also beautifully written', Roger Protz, Protz on Beer
  • 'Happy holiday reading.. highly diverting', Mike Amos, The Northern Echo
  • 'One of the most funniest, most entertaining and life-affirming books of the year', Lancaster Guardian
  • 'A delightful Christmas present, especially for lovers of community pubs', The London Drinker Mag
  • 'Wonderfully readable and often very funny', Waterstones Bradford Blog
  • 'A heartwarming and hilarious tale', Darlington & Stockton Times