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The Magical Unicorn Society: The Golden Unicorn – Secrets and Legends

Extent: 128 pages

Size: 230x170mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781789291551

Categories: Fiction

About the Book

Publication Date: 03/10/2019

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781780556826

Categories: Fiction

About the Book

The Magical Unicorn Society is the official authority on the secrets and legends behind these elusive creatures. Now, they've opened their doors once again, and invite unicorn lovers to enjoy eight new enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families.

Discover the legend of the Golden Unicorn and its escape from icy magic; encounter the mysterious Shadow Night unicorn as it helps stop an audacious robbery in Victorian London; enjoy daring tales of Water Moon unicorns and pirates on the high seas; spot Woodland Flower unicorns in Central Park, New York, and read about the dramatic meeting of all seven unicorn families, and the appearance of an eighth unicorn type.

As well, discover more of the lore about the unicorns, the workings of the Magical Unicorn Society, and find out which guardian unicorn protects you.

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About the Author

Selwyn E. Phipps is the President of the Magical Unicorn Society. After years travelling the world in search of rare and beautiful unicorns, now he is sharing what he’s learnt.