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The Mathsketeers – A Multiplication Mystery

Extent: 32pages

Size: 297x210mm

Publication Date: 07/07/2022

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781780557465

Categories: Activity & Puzzles

About the Book

The Mathsketeers are embroiled in a tricky Multiplication Mystery. They've been summoned to London, where the city's 'watchmice' are worried about a gang of cats that are up to no good. Help the swashbuckling mice as they follow the trail of multiplication and times-tables maths puzzles.

It's up to the reader to join the adventure. From the Isle of Dogs and the Queen's House in Greenwich, to the Mouses of Parliament, follow the narrative and work out the answer to each fiendish problem. There are lots of multiplication and times-tables activities that will test children's numeracy skills, answers to fill in, as well as helpful tips and tricks to learn along the way.

Maths content includes:

– Introduction to simple multiplication and times tables, gradually increasing in scope and difficulty

– Multiplying money and trickier numbers, grid method multiplication, introducing primes and more

Get ready for a swashbuckling maths adventure.