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The Northern Monkey Survival Guide

How to Hold on to Your Northern Cred in a World Filled with Southern Jessies

Publication Date: 25/02/2014

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781782432838


About the Book

For too long northerners have faced derision at the hands of southerners, whether it be about the northern climate, their thriftiness, or gloomy outlook, but all this is about to change. Now is the time for northerners to rise up as one and growl, 'I'm from t'North and I'm proud!' The Northern Monkey Survival Guide is a collection of reasons to love the North, together with some useful survival tips for anyone who dares to venture south of Birmingham. Including: • A north-south currency conversion guide – what a cheese and onion buttie is called and what it costs • The Northern Monkey hall of fame – the greatest northerners in history • Places to avoid in the 'Beautiful South'. The Northern Monkey Survival Guide is a celebration of the northern outlook on life and the perfect book for all northerners.

About the Author

Tim Collins is originally from Manchester, but now lives in London. He is the author of over thirty books including Wimpy Vampire, Cosmic Colin and Dorkius Maximus. His books have been translated into over thirty languages and he has won awards in the UK and Germany.