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The Pedant's Revolt

Publication Date: 20/05/2011

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781843176732

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About the Book

About the Author

Author and freelance technical writer, Andrea Barham is the acceptable face of pedantry: while she is a big fan of the world, she feels there should be less wrongness and more rightness in it. Painfully aware of her inability to correct the bigger issues such as war, poverty and global warming, she is concentrating her skills on smaller issues more suited to her skills, which consists of 'looking stuff up'. By correcting common misconceptions, such as the belief that your heart stops when you sneeze, she is hoping that this will have a knock-on effect and eventually all wrongs will be righted, but she is not holding her breath (which, indidentally, one cannot die from, as is commonly believed). Please support her in her crusade.


  • 'There's an awful lot of nonsense that is accepted as fact and this book, compiled by Andrea Barham, goes at least part of the way to putting it right. It's informative, interesting and amusing - and it will help you settle arguments', The Times
  • 'A really funny book... it's all there, fully researched', Richard Madeley, Richard & Judy
  • 'Barham guides us through hundreds of common misconceptions and sets us straight clearly and entertainingly', What's On Magazine
  • 'An excellent new book . . . Ever since Ben Schott brought out his miscellany, there has been hundreds of trivia clones released. This takes a different slant and a very welcome one . . . A great book to dip into, one that will appeal especially to fans of the programme QI', Lowestoft Journal
  • 'Exposes many of the common myths, legends and fallacies that have become entrenched in everyday thought in a humorous fashion', Sunderland Evening Echo