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The Weather Book

Publication Date: 30/11/2011

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781843178422

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About the Book

About the Author

Diana Craig is a writer, editor and artist with over 25 years’ experience in illustrated non-fiction and a degree in Fine Art. She has a keen interest in Folklore, gardening, natural history, cookery and art. Her books include The Gardeners’ Book and The Weather Book, both published by Michael O’Mara Books.


  • 'A delightful miscellany... This great book will extend your knowledge on one of Britain's most talked about subjects', The Times
  • 'This lively book is packed with weather facts... Become your pub quiz expert on things meteorological', BBC Country File Magazine
  • 'A reminder of what nature is about, how is works, how plants and animals exist - without being too scientific', The Countryman