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The World of Camelot

Publication Date: 29/01/2014

Price: £0.99

ISBN: 9781782432524


About the Book

Settle into your favorite chair, prop your feet up, and prepare to journey back in time to a world of knights and ladies, grace and bravery, where the chivalric code reigned supreme. Enter Camelot and relive the coming of Arthur and how as a young boy he pulled the sword from the stone and claimed his throne. Meet Merlin, Gawain, Balin le Savage, the Knights of the Round Table, and other legendary figures in exciting tales and colorful illustrations. Witness the marriage of Arthur and Guenevere, and the Queen's later romance with the handsome Lancelot. Watch as history's most famous knights demonstrate their bravery in a fierce joust. See the beginnings of the famous quest for the Holy Grail, and how Sir Galahad, the noblest of all knights, was conceived in trickery. Enjoy stories of magic and enchantment, valor and vengeance, that end with Arthur's death and the downfall of his knights, but remain in people's hearts forever.

About the Author

Michael Foss was born in India in 1937 and educated in England and America. He has travelled widely and, after a spell as a lecturer at an American university, he settled in London and took up writing full time. His books include Out of India, The Road Taken, Looking for the Last Big Tree, Tudor Lives, The Founding of the Jesuits, Undreamed Shores, On Tour: The British Traveller in Europe, Poetry of the World Wars, Gods and Heroes: The Story of Greek Mythology, The World of Camelot, Celtic Myths and Legends and People of the First Crusade. He won the J. R. Ackerley prize for Out of India in 2002.