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To My Mummy

Extent: 24pages

Size: 148x210mm

Publication Date: 28/01/2010

Price: £2.99

ISBN: 9781843174516

Categories: Nostalgia

About the Book

Every child loves to draw pictures for their parents and often they become something to treasure and admire for years to come. To My Mummy gives children the opportunity to draw pictures to show just how much they love their mummy, which are collected into one book and can be presented as a gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, or just as a treat to show them just how much they are loved. Perfect for any child who loves to doodle, draw and colour, this unique and imaginative gift will make mums everywhere feel extra special.


  • 'Artistic grandkids can now show their mum how much they care by doodling, drawing and colouring in To My Mummy', Yours