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Publication Date: 18/10/2012

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781782430209


About the Book The Unauthorized Biography traces the rise to fame and fortune of William James Adams, Jr. (stage name
The book explores his troubled childhood and shows how his early love of flamboyant dress and his talent for rap saved him from the sad fates that befell many of his friends and neighbours. Bringing the story up to date, it reveals the truth behind his self-confessed 'freak out' in 2008, his mixed fortunes as a manager, his relationship with pop princess Cheryl Cole and his eventful first series as a judge on The Voice. His role on this show has propelled to ever more remarkable heights, playing a key role at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert, a stint carrying the Olympic torch and working alongside NASA on a project designed to inspire children to get involved in science. He has also been praised for his philanthropic work, most recently donating the majority of his earnings from The Voice to the Prince's Trust.

This is the perfect book for fans of this enigmatic individual, at last revealing the truth behind the shades…

About the Author

Danny White is the author of the international and Sunday Times bestseller 1D: The One Direction Story which has been translated into sixteen languages. He has also written successful biographies of Rihanna, Niall Horan, and Johnny Depp.