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Wondrous Animals

Extent: 96pages

Size: 250x250mm

Publication Date: 28/09/2023

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781915751089

Categories: Colouring

About the Book

A spectacular compilation of animal illustrations from the awe-inspiring works of Kerby Rosanes, as part of an exciting new series called Kerby’s Selection.

This beautiful colouring book brings together the most astonishing animal images from Kerby’s World and Morphia series, featuring fantasy scenes of strange, shape-shifting animals as well as real-life depictions of our fragile world and its natural beauty.

Fifty-eight detailed drawings of wondrous animals and their environments are just waiting to be brought to life with colour – from an enchanting eagle leaving a trail of doodles in its wake and an intricate beetle made from cogs to a cute otter floating along a river and giant pandas surrounded by bamboo.

Please note: This book contains material previously published in Fragile World, Worlds Within Worlds, Animorphia, Mythomorphia, Geomorphia and Imagimorphia.