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Your Anxiety Journal

Extent: 128pages

Size: 190x147mm

Publication Date: 27/04/2023

Price: £11.99

ISBN: 9781789294682

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

Rein in your anxiety with this simple guided journal.

Worrying is human. Worry can help to keep us safe and warn us of potential dangers. But when worrying becomes anxiety, and begins to get in the way of our everyday lives, we need strategies to overcome it.

Written by a professional counsellor and full of ways to help you understand and take control of your anxiety, this book is the ideal guide to help you dial down that constant worry, tackle unhealthy thought patterns and build habits to help prevent anxiety from taking over. Full of guided exercises and spaces for self-reflection, as well as beautiful illustrations and inspiring quotes, it is perfect for the over-worriers everywhere.

About the Author

Amy Birch studied at the University of Cambridge before pursuing careers in publishing and psychotherapy. She is a professional counsellor and member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). She enjoys gardening and crafts in her spare time. She is also the author of Your 5-Minute Journal: Find Gratitude and De-stress with Simple Daily Exercises and The Wellbeing Activity Book: Self-care Activities Through the Seasons.