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Category: Science – History – Philosophy

Medieval Woman

Ann Baer


A Victorian Lady's Guide to Life

Elspeth Marr, edited by Christopher Rush


11 Explorations into Life on Earth

Helen Scales, Foreword by Sir David Attenborough


Our History of the 20th Century

Travis Elborough


The Little Book of Big Ideas

Daniel Smith


The Ultimate World War II Quiz Book

Kieran Whitworth (in association with Imperial War Museums)


The Little Book of Stonehenge

Compiled by Meredith MacArdle


The Science of Food

Marty Jopson


When the Earth Was Flat

Graeme Donald


Crown of Blood

Nicola Tallis


Why We Do the Things We Do

Joel Levy


Why We Think the Things We Think

Alain Stephen


13 Journeys Through Space and Time

Colin Stuart, Foreword by Tim Peake