Lisa Sheehan

Lisa Sheehan is an illustrator, graphic designer and all-round image maker who lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, two daughters and two huge ginger Main Coon cats. She was born in Bletchley in Buckinghamshire.

Graduating from Kingston University with a degree in illustration, Lisa went on to become an art director for the Financial Times, before embarking on the MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.

Since graduating she has illustrated two picture books: The Find It Book by Margaret Wise Brown, which was shortlisted for the AOI awards, and Lionel and the Lion's Share with Lou Peacock.

Just Being Ted is the first title Lisa has both written and illustrated. The idea came from a teddy bears' picnic at her daughter's school, at which only teddy bears were allowed. Lisa thought this was very unfair on any other stuffed animals that wanted to attend, too, and the idea for Ted was born.