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Creative Colouring - A Colouring and Doodle App for Kids

Creative Colouring

Price: Free

About the App

Looking for an fun and educational colouring app for kids? Look no further.

The Creative Colouring and Doodle app for kids combines the very best of Buster Books: from colour-code puzzles to inspiring dot to dots and copy-what-you-see activities, the app is packed with stylish, fun and striking illustrations to work through.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of The Features:

  • Either tap an area of the screen to fill that area with block colour, or switch over to the pen tool to colour multiple sections at a time.
  • Kids that want to get really creative can change the opacity setting on the pen tool to create layered shading effects over the sections they’ve already coloured, giving them the option to experiment with different effects as their co-ordination and creativity blossoms.
  • Children can create their own custom colour palettes from an unlimited colour wheel. No need to carry around colouring pencils!
  • Undo and redo buttons allow kids to develop and redevelop the image as they go along. There is also the option to save multiple versions of the same image.
  • With Facebook and Twitter integration, kids can share their work very easily among friends and show off the beautiful images they’ve created.
  • Includes Copycat Colouring challenges: perfect for kids who love to colour but need a dash of inspiration to get them started. Kids can switch between a line drawing and the full coloured up image, using a colour-picker to copy what they see.

Our Books:

The Creative Colouring app is based on the following print titles: