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The Daily Mash, a British comedy institution since 2008, rips the p*ss out of everyone no matter what class they are, mistakenly believe they are or wrongly aspire to be. If you’re British, this book is for you.

In Britain, everyone knows their place. And, to ensure they never leave their allotted slot in the class hierarchy, they abhor both those who imagine themselves better than them above and those they’re effortlessly superior to below.

But are the upper classes venal fops who think only of titles and money? Are the middle classes as petty and pathetically status-obsessed as they appear? Are the working classes all white van drivers consumed by Ginsters pasties and Ralph Lauren polo shirts? The answers to all three questions, obviously, is ‘yes’. However, being British, we’re able to laugh at our own foibles and more importantly to laugh at all those other pr*cks.

Whether you’re a member of Britain’s monarchy, aristocracy and political class, whether you’re a Mail-reading xenophobe terrified of immigrants or a Guardian-reading liberal terrified of Arts Councils cuts, or whether you have a proper job and support a lower-league football team, this is for you.

“Yuck!” “Ewwww!” “NOOOOO!” Prepare yourself to yell all of these things when you read this spectacularly disgusting collection of the burpiest, fartiest, smelliest, squelchiest jokes around.

Why did the baker have smelly hands?
Because he kneaded a poo.

Why was the sand wet?
Because the sea weed.

What’s the difference between bogeys and broccoli?
Kids won’t eat broccoli.

This gleefully revolting book is packed full of over 300 of the grossest jokes ever, plus loads of hilariously revolting illustrations.

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