Michael O’Mara Books is proud to support the following local and international charities:

Amnesty International
(Circle of Conscience Member)

Registered charity number: 1051681
Find out more at amnesty.org.uk
Anaphylaxis Campaign
Registered charity number: 1085527
Find out more at www.anaphylaxis.org.uk
Breast Cancer Now
Registered charity number: 1160558
Find out more at www.breastcancernow.org
The Childhood Trust

Registered charity number: 1154032
Find out more at www.childhoodtrust.org.uk
(Leadership Circle Member)

Registered charity number: 1053988
Find out more at www.clientearth.org
Compassion in World Farming
Registered charity number: 1095050
Find out more at www.ciwf.org.uk
Create (Arts) Ltd.
Registered charity number: 1099733
Find out more at www.createarts.org.uk
The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Registered charity number: 1106893
Find out more at www.davidshepherd.org
Doctors of the World
Registered charity number: 1067406
Find out more at www.doctorsoftheworld.org.uk
Doorstep Library
Registered charity number: 1158197
Find out more at www.doorsteplibrary.org.uk
Just for Kids Law Charity Just for Kids Law
Registered charity number: 1121638
Find out more at www.justforkidslaw.org
Link Age Southwark

Registered charity number: 1105923
Find out more at www.linkagesouthwark.org
The London Wildlife Trust
Registered charity number: 283895
Find out more at www.wildlondon.org.uk
LLC at Max Roach
Find out more at lccmaxroach.co.uk
Pots UK
Registered Charity Number: 1159813
Find out more at www.potsuk.org
The Trussell Trust
Registered charity number: 1110522
Find out more at www.trusselltrust.org
Uganda Hands for Hope
Registered charity number: 1147360
Find out more at www.ugandahandsforhope.org
WFW International
(Leadership Circle Member)

Registered charity number: 1115109
Find out more at www.womenforwomen.org.uk
Women in Prison
Registered charity number: 1118727