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10 Voyages Through the Human Mind

Extent: 224 pages

Size: 178x111mm

Publication Date:

Price: £12.99

ISBN: 9781789290974

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

The third in a series of books in association with the Royal Institution on their world-renowned Christmas Lectures, this time exploring the intriguing pathways of the human brain and the complexities of the mind – with a foreword by Robin Ince.

Following on from the success of 13 Journeys Through Space and Time and 11 Explorations into Life on Earth, this third book in the series takes a look at the staggering capabilities of the human brain through ten of the most revealing Christmas Lectures on the subject given at the RI over the last two centuries.

Undoubtedly the most complex material in the universe, the human brain makes us who we are, but how it works and why has long been a mystery. Through this series of fascinating lectures, spanning over a hundred years, experts in the fields of psychology, neurology and biology examine the workings of our most important organ, revealing a hidden and complex world.

Publication Date: 31/10/2019

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781789291292

Categories: Science - History - Philosophy

About the Book

About the Author

Catherine de Lange is a science journalist, editor and author of 10 Voyages Through the Human Mind: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution published by Michael O'Mara Books. She has written for Nature, the Guardian and the Washington Post among others, and has worked on TV programmes such as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, as well as radio documentaries including BBC Radio 4's Dear Professor Hawking. She is currently Biomedical Features Editor at New Scientist.