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Bedtime, Little Mouse

Extent: 32pages

Size: 250x245mm

Publication Date: 03/03/2022

Price: £6.99

ISBN: 9781780557342

Categories: Fiction

About the Book

Bedtime, Little Mouse is part lyrical bedtime picture story and part how-to guide for parents wanting to lull their own little ones into sleep.

Little Mouse lives in a beautiful woodland, where she plays happily all day long. But, after one hot day, a storm gathers overhead. Little Mouse and her friends have to rush home to take shelter from the booming thunder, flashing lightning and pouring rain.

When she tries to get to sleep that night, Little Mouse can’t help but dwell on the scary storm raging outside. Luckily, Big Mouse is on hand to soothe her into a gentle sleep, using guided breathing, gentle meditation and reflection on all of the good things that happened during the day.

After the bedtime story, parents and children can move on to the Mindful Bedtime Method. This mindfulness practice is developed specifically to help children relax and prepare for sleep. From noticing their breathing and the softness of their surroundings, to expressing gratitude for the day, these five mindful practices will help children develop a positive and healthy bedtime routine, which will have them relaxed and ready for bed.

It is written by Magali Mialeret PgC, who used her background in applied neuroscience, stress management and yoga coaching to create a story that will develop good practice around bedtime routines and mindful reflection on emotions encountered during the day. It is brought to life with sweet and gentle illustrations by Carmen Saldaña, illustrator of numerous picture book titles.

About the Author

Magali Mialaret, PgC, is a French-Australian parent, executive coach, yoga teacher and consultant. She has spent years studying the brain, culminating in the completion of a postgraduate qualification in applied neuroscience. Bedtime, Little Mouse is her first picture book title.