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Dogs are a Woman’s Best Friend

Extent: 96 pages

Size: 230x180mm

Publication Date:

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781915751133


About the Book

The paw-some follow up to Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Cat, Dogs are a Woman’s Best Friend showcases empowering stories of dog-loving women who changed the world.

Dogs are humankind’s oldest and loyalist companions, bringing friendship, joy and comfort to the lives they touch. From Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, this inspiring book celebrates 30 women from all walks of life, including artists, writers and humanitarians, who have one thing in common – their love of dogs. Explore their stories and discover the faithful canines who have stood by their side. Along the way, readers can learn lessons for life from a dog’s perspective, discover some record-breaking dogs and take a test to find their paw-fect pooch match.

Beautifully illustrated by Alissa Levy, an artist based in Germany who loves to capture female characters and animals in unusual everyday settings.

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