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Everyone is Creative

Extent: 160pages

Size: 200x200mm

Publication Date: 14/09/2023

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 9781912785698


About the Book

Have you ever had a great idea but didn’t know where to start? The rules of creativity are simple. Founder and CEO of creative network Zealous, Guy Armitage shows you how to unlock your creative potential with seven easy steps.

Everyone is born creative (have you ever met a child who wasn’t creative? Neither have we). Our experiences directly impact our ability to stoke our imaginations and let that creativity flow – and that is what this book aims to unlock. Part manifesto, part how-to guide, using humour and simple, playful prompts and exercises, Guy Armitage arms you with the tools you need to unleash your creative spark.

From making space for creativity in your life to creating your own inspiration, and from planning your project efficiently to seeking proper feedback that will spur you on, Armitage addresses so many of the restraints that hold us all back in one way or another. Change is never easy (and if you want effective change, neither should it be) but the invaluable lessons found within will help enable you to rediscover your creative self.

Whatever type of creative you are, this is the only book you’ll need to get started, stay motivated, keep your creativity flowing and make your ideas happen.

About the Author

Guy Armitage is a respected creativity expert and founder and CEO of Zealous, a London-based creativity start-up. He has worked with thousands of artists and institutions across film, TV, art, music, performance, design and gaming, in the UK and around the world. Guy was voted the Guardian’s Creative Entrepreneur of 2013. Through his unique experiences, Guy has evolved to balance his creativity with sound business knowledge. He has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. In his spare time he codes, takes still photographs and has won the Tate Modern Hackathon in partnership with Ai WeiWei.


  • 'The exact book I need when I want to get my creative juices flowing!', Lulu Mayo, illustrator
  • 'We're all creative and this book shows us how to unlock that creativity in an entertaining and fun read', Tabish Khan, art critic, Londonist