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Look After The Pennies

Extent: 224pages

Size: 178x111mm

Publication Date: 08/09/2011

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781843176107

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

Publication Date: 30/09/2011

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781843177760

Categories: Lifestyle

About the Book

About the Author

Tess Read lives in a small flat surrounded by piles of unidentified odd socks. It's not much of a life but it's mine – is her motto. Her passions are writing, re-writing, desperately seeking distractions to writing, looking at Facebook, re-writing again, looking at Facebook again, and booking holidays on the Internet. She has an extensive collection of mature toothbrushes of which she is very proud. Her husband is occasionally contented.


  • 'Tess Read's book is worth checking out...packed full of tips on how to save cash on everything', Star Magazine