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Extent: 64pages

Size: 290x290mm

Publication Date: 01/06/2017

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781910552735

Categories: Doodle & Draw

About the Book

There are patterns, doodles and tangles galore in this creative new tangling by numbers challenge book.

Following the simple number code will create 25 gorgeous images full of intricate tangles.

A relaxing and creative activity that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

About the Author

Felicity lives in Surrey and works from home in her cosy studio. She studied illustration at the Arts University College Bournemouth and graduated in 2011. She has since pursued a freelance career illustrating children's books and creating greeting card designs. Felicity's illustrations are typically bright and colourful, often incorporating decorative patterned elements. Her unique style is a fusion of watercolour and black fine-line pen detail.