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Pushing the Envelope

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 198x129mm

Publication Date:

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 9781843176510

Categories: Maths & English

About the Book

The bottom line is this: the workplace is a minefield of business jargon that people bandy about on a daily basis. From indecipherable abbreviations and business terminology, to buzz words, motivational phrases and more, it can all start to sound like everyone around you is speaking another language. But it's time to shoot the puppy (do the unthinkable), push the envelope (expand the boundaries), knife and fork the problem (handle bit by bit), and get to grips with the language of business! Pushing the Envelope, takes a wry and witty look at office jargon, uncovering the origins and meanings of many useful – and some not so useful – phrases that can be heard in the workplace and in everyday life. Amusing and informative, this book guarantees that you'll be fluent in business in no time.

Publication Date: 30/09/2011

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781843177722

Categories: Maths & English

About the Book

About the Author

Caroline Taggart worked in publishing as an editor of popular non-fiction for thirty years before being asked by Michael O'Mara Books to write I Used to Know That, which became a Sunday Times bestseller. Following that she was co-author of My Grammar and I (or should that be 'Me'?), and wrote a number of other books about words and English usage. She has appeared frequently on television and on national and regional radio, talking about language, grammar and whether or not Druids Cross should have an apostrophe.

Her website is and you can follow her on Twitter @citaggart.


  • 'Caroline Taggart has carved out a niche for herself in user-friendly, wittily written factual books which capture the imagination and quickly find their way to the top of the bestseller lists.', Yorkshire Post
  • 'witty and informative', Business Executive Magazine