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QEII We Love You

Extent: 96 pages

Size: 144x144mm

Publication Date:

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781782434160

Categories: Humour

About the Book

Children answer questions about the Queen in this delightful tribute to our longest-serving monarch and celebration of the innocence of childhood.

In September 2015 Queen Elizabeth became Britain's longest-reigning monarch, a position previously held by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. In this wonderful celebration of her reign, primary school children offer their charming and often hilarious views on the Queen, her life, her work and her corgis.

Answering a variety of questions, such as 'What does the Queen do all day?', 'Where does the Queen like to go on holiday?' and 'What does the Queen like to watch on television?', children offer their insights into the Queen's life.

Learn how she apparently likes to play with her corgis in the park, sit on her throne while reading the newspaper and drinking wine, watch all the soaps on TV and how she spends her working days waving to people and attending meetings. These entertaining and funny answers are accompanied throughout by the children’s highly imaginative drawings of the Queen.

Published to coincide with this landmark occasion, this wonderful book is a tribute to our longest-serving monarch, and celebrates both her reign and the innocence of childhood.

Publication Date: 02/07/2015

Price: £3.99

ISBN: 9781782436829

Categories: Humour

About the Book

About the Author

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