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Robin the Hoodie

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 185x125mm

Publication Date:

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 9781843173960

Categories: Humour

About the Book

Hans Christian Asbosen is back with more wickedly witty tales of ASBO England. Meet King Harold and William the Conqueror, who sorted their differences over a wet bank holiday weekend on the pier at Hastings. Read of Henry VIII and his six wives – Katherine of Argos, Anne of Slag, Catherine the Strict, Anne of Summers, Svetlana of Moscow and Babs of Windsor. And meet Henry the Sly, responsible for hiding a copy of Norse Sluts inside the Doomsday Book. Discover how Francis Drake thrashed the Spanish Armada after he'd finished with a Plymouth ho. . . All of these tales and many more are retold by Asbosen in his unique way for the twenty-first century. Truly hilarious, Robin the Hoodie is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at the wickedly warped tales – definitely different to those you were taught at school. These tales of blood, swears and teeth are sure to bring history to life for a whole new generation.

Publication Date: 05/11/2011

Price: £1.99

ISBN: 9781843178545

Categories: Humour

About the Book

About the Author

Chris Pilbeam, aka Hans Christian Asbosen, is a London-based writer and journalist who discovered the lost works of author Hans Christian Asbosen. He has been a journalist for Maxim and Loaded and is the author of four non-fiction books.